Small Gold Sand Trivet/Server
Small Gold Sand Trivet/Server
Small Gold Sand Trivet/Server

Small Gold Sand Trivet/Server

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Hot Plate Server (Trivet)

Size dimensions 20 x 20 cm

Exclusively designed and lovingly hand crafted by Isha Knill.

This functional art range of products have been designed for that special person in mind and can be used both for everyday purposes or for that special occasion.  

What is a trivet?  A trivet or hot plate server is designed to sit between your kitchen bench top or dining table surface and your hot pots and pans so you have peace of mind that your surfaces are being protected.  This range has been created with special heat resistant food grade resin and is suitable to use both as a hot plate server (trivet).

I have designed this range to function as a piece of art with a practical use in mind so it can be left out permanently for you to enjoy knowing you can keep your kitchen benches or dining room table safe from hot pots and pans but still enjoy your art purchase!

Instructions for use:

To avoid scratching, do not cut on resin. 

Hand wash only.

Wipe and keep dry, after each use.

To bring up the shine, occasionally clean with window cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

100% Australian Made.

Thank you for supporting an independent Artist!