Cover your Art/Painting with Resin - Beginners Course

Cover your Art/Painting with Resin

Beginner Resin Course

If you would like to use resin to cover your artwork but you feel hesitant to get started because there is so much confusing information to shift through.

You don’t know what resin to source, what equipment you need, how to mix, spread or fix issues should they arise, and you are worried you will ruin your beautiful artwork’s during your learning process.

Or perhaps you have already used resin to cover your artwork, but you’ve run into problems with pitting, resin pulling away from the edges of your work, pesky dust particles and you would like to know how to fix these issues, so they stop continuing to happen.

Then you have come to the right course! In this course students will learn:

· What materials they will need, including sourcing Personal Protection Equipment so you are safe whilst you work with resin.

· The tips and tricks I have learnt to manage and stop dust particles getting into your work,

· How to stop resin pitting or pulling away from your edges, as well as how to fix these issues should they occur.

You will learn step by step how to cover your artwork with resin, feel confident in the process and reassured that you aren’t going to ruin your beautiful artwork in the process.

Purchase the course today and follow along as your Instructor Isha Knill walks you through the process from start to finish in a step-by-step process so you can cover your artwork in resin to create a beautiful one of a kind, unique piece of art.

Watch the video above to see if this is the right course from you then be sure to ENROLL NOW to lock in this low rate. You'll never pay more, even when I add new practice sessions or info to the class!

This is a Beginner course for people who would like to use resin to cover their artwork but they don’t know where to start and don’t want a steep learning curve because not only is resin expensive to use, you also don’t want to ruin your beautiful artwork whilst you take time to learn this new medium.

Or they have run into resin issues and would like to understand how to resolve them so that going forward, they can confidently use resin to cover their artwork.

Attend this course and I will take you through the entire steps in my process so you can gain the skills and materials you need to feel confident when you resin your beautiful artwork.

Disclaimer: As an Artist I show you how I work with resin. Your results and products used may be different. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers or suppliers mentioned in my video’s, and the products I use are my own personal preference.

Safety Note - When using paints and chemicals please adhere to any and all manufacturer safety guidelines with these products. If you have specific safety questions or concerns please contact the product's manufacturer.

REGISTER NOW and get started covering your beautiful artwork with resin today!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn how to use resin to cover their artwork
  • People who want to understand how to troubleshoot resin issues
  • People who want to feel confident and safe whilst working with resin