About Us

Growing up in Zimbabwe, I have always been inspired by elements of nature, design and colour, so in my early 20’s I began experimenting with my ideas. My love of painting and earthy rustic design melded with my fabric work, and from there my unique style bloomed into a range of tactile contemporary works.

When we settled in NSW I began painting and it was so fulfilling! I love the subtlety of off-whites, creams and earthly-tones. I found that the nuances of these colours were brought into the spotlight when I experimented with textures and texturizing mediums. I like to work with the buttery, tactile feel of paint - I just love it when people say they want to feel the different textures of my paintings! Texture really draws people into the depth of the piece.

Not so long ago I started experimenting with acrylic pouring and was hooked! I love working with different paint mediums to create poured pieces as well as incorporate pouring into my other pieces of work. So now I use a number of different styles: acrylic pouring, resin and mixed media to name a few.

I particularly enjoy helping others learn how to master these skills for themselves either via online learning or workshops. I love teaching and sharing my work with people because I find it so rewarding when they resonate with my contemporary style. So, thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions or would like some support with your art, please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello!