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Create Beautiful Christmas Baubles with Acrylic Pouring

Create beautiful Christmas Baubles with Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art Beginner Fluid Art/Acrylic Pouring Course In this course students will learn how to decorate Christmas baubles using acrylic pouring/fluid art. This course covers what paints and materials you need as well as paint ratios and paint mediums to use. It also includes different pouring techniques you can use to create unique and beautiful Christmas baubles.......      

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Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art for Beginners

Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art for Beginners Beginner Acrylic Pouring/Fluid Art Course If you would like to learn acrylic pouring/fluid art but feel hesitant because you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you have already started experimenting and have run into issues you can’t resolve, and you are tired of wasting paint as well as shifting through endless video’s on YouTube or Facebook groups trying to get answers to your questions......  

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